From Derry to Glasgow

 As the coach pulled up beside the Citizens Theatre and as I stepped of I could see my Uncle Willie I was so pleased to see him He flagged down a black taxi and the driver was Indian man wearing a turban on his head. The first real Indian I ever saw. There wasn’t any around the village I came from.

As I sat in the taxi on route to Uncle Willy’s house I was in awe of the bright city lights the bridges, the Clyde, the high flats. I had been in Glasgow when I was only seven and used to always say “when I grow up I’m going to live in Scotland” it did make me think back to that time and the memories I had, being in my mother’s uncle Jimmy’s house which was in a basement in Argyle Street, staying with my aunt Agnes and uncle Bill in Brock burn Terrace in Pollock.

At seven years old standing outside my Aunt Agnes's flat

My destination this time was Kilearn Street PossilPark. I had my first introduction to a close as I followed Uncle Willie up three flights of stairs. His partner Kathleen greeted us at the door and soon I was having tea, I found it odd being in Glasgow, but I was also very excited! After a week in Possilpark My cousin Jim picked me up and took me to my aunt Roses house in Brockburn road Pollock just around the corner from where I had stayed when I was seven I had an immediate sense of familiarity the flats with balconies and little round porthole windows.

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