My journey in Radio Began in April 2008 at Celtic Music Radio in Glasgow two months after the release of my debut album “A song in her heart” and at the beginning of my three-year contract with Greentrax. I was asked by the station manager at the time Bob Williams if I would like a slot at Celtic Music Radio¬†

If you had asked me back in 2008 would I own and manage my own internet radio station I would have said no way! Are you crazy? but having found the radio to be very good for keeping me focused it became a very pleasurable hobby quite quickly and I enjoyed chatting to people and loved getting music, new music every week. I felt like a pilot when I sat in that seat with three computer screens in front of me and a huge sound desk and it was a real challenge for me to begin with to coordinate everything . Many mistakes were made but the more I did it the more I got used to it and that fear I had at first gradually went away.

Something DR Ian Green said to me once always stayed with me “Be yourself”. I knew what music I liked and also what I didn’t like and always felt bad when something would come in that was just not radio worthy so I made a list of what would make my playlist and what wouldn’t and I have stuck with that ever since also, as a rule, I do not critique anyone’s music but if I like it they will know about it. It is the hardest part of being a presenter I think and a few people never spoke to me again because I wouldn’t play their music. I have also told people if I just thought the production was bad but the songs were good and they had potential and if they revisited the studio and done them properly I would play them. Some did, others fell out with me. When I play music I want to play the best because my listeners want to hear the best. I play music sent direct from artists and also deal with many different music publicists, labels and music promotors and have made some very good contacts in the music business.