Here are some press reviews of my debut album .”A song in her heart and also some press clippings  

 “My Scotsman and Thee; this song is the likes of which careers are built upon. Having left Ireland and fallen for a man who will not forsake his home so that she might return to hers, Burke’s song strikes the balance between yearning lament and reflective acceptance. Staggering! Donald Teplyske ”- Donald Teplyske, Roots Music Canada (Mar 18, 2008)

“Thank you so much for the album.I’ve been playing tracks from it since it arrived .its a superb recording and you are a real star. It will feature regularly on my future playlists “Stan Graham- Stan Graham A taste of Folk, BBC Radio York

“There is a common thread of integrity and professionalism that runs through Mary Kathleen Burke’s work .. be it as a Singer-Songwriter, a radio presenter, or, in her latest role as a director at MKB Promotions.” February 20, 2012, Singer-Songwriter, Benny Gallagher (Gallagher & Lyle, McGuiness Flint )- Benny Gallagher, Linked-in (Feb 20, 2012)


“The strings of our hearts vibrated gently as they transport the absolute incredible voice of a true singer and exceptional as Mary Kathleen Burke, a real and true phenomenon, a complete musician, exciting, really great.”- Antonio, A Boxful of Treasures Folk Club Forli Italy

“An inspiring singer with a truly beautiful voice, Mary Burke is making a huge impression on the industry and has a bright and prosperous future ahead of her.” Lecturer’s Reid Kerr Music Department- Reid Kerr College, Reid Kerr Marketing News (Nov 05, 2008)

“Mary Kathleen Burke is an excellent singer/performer. Naturally, as she is Irish, she sings songs of her native homeland with great feeling and passion; but her repertoire very much extends to traditional Scottish, Americana/country and contemporary material, where she is also very much “at home”. When embracing all of these she doesn’t (as is very often the case these days) “mince up” the material. Rather, with great phrasing and love of what she does, she delivers her song in a truly innate and natural way – straight “from the heart”. Donald Black (Scottish Celtic Harmonica) ”- Donald Black (Scottish Celtic Harmonica), Donald Black (Scottish Celtic Harmonica) (Feb 01, 2012)

 “This is an outstanding first album, even if she waited about 30 years to burst on the scene, and I look forward to many more. Nicky Rossiter (Irish Music Magazine) ”- Nicky Rossiter, Irish Music Magazine (Mar 01, 2008)

 “This has to be one of the best debut albums I have heard !- beautiful voice, choice of songs and arrangements. I shall certainly be playing it on my Sunday evening show on Radio Borders. Karin Ingram (Presenter, The Sunday Getherin’) ”- Karin Ingram, Radio Borders

“music is as strong as her vocal ability and she includes Eleanor McEvoy’s US hit A Woman’s Heart here. Donovans Catch The Wind makes it, as does Burns Ae Fond Kiss and various band settings of contemporary compositions among the trad. ( Norman Chalmers, Scotland on Sunday) ”- Norman Charmers, Scotland on Sunday

“ “there’s an element of nostalgia that you tend to find only among longtime exiles… something different and charming” (Sarah McQuaid, Evening Herald reviewer) ”- Sarah Mc Quade, Evening Herald

“Album Of The Week” (Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow) just one week after its release! “ Album of the week on BBC Radio Scotland (Ian Anderson Show)- BBC Radio Scotland

“The album arrived yesterday and I am afraid I can’t stop listening. Many thanks for this beautiful record” (Bernard Jean, Musiques Sans Frontieres, France)- Bearnard Jean, Musiques Sans Frontieres, France

“Using her strong, passionate voice to good effect” (Spectrum FM Radio, Australia)- Spectrum Radio Australia

“I’ve not heard many like her. She’s a wonderfully gifted performer and a natural musician with an absolutely gorgeous voice. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she is going to become a great star.” Dr. Ian Green (Director Greentrax Scotland- Dr. Ian Green, Greentrax Recordings

“But Mary Kathleen Burke is singing to a different tune. She stands as an example of how paying your dues – a weary cliche in these days of instant celebrity status – brings its own rewards, but only if you have the talent to accompany the effort. Chris Holmes Author and Journalist”- Chris Holmes, Chris Holmes Author & Journalist (Jul 10, 2008)