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Radio schedule

The Mary K Burke Radio show is celebrating 12 years of broadcasting this year . Featuring Independent Artists worldwide in the genres of Country -Americana,Folk,Celtic,Rockabilly & Easy Listening music .Marys show is syndicated to eight radio stations including her own Station MKB Independent Radio which launched in Oct 2019 and now has 18 presenters and has had over 20.000 listeners . Sponsored by Independent Artists and listeners worldwide .

From Derry to Glasgow

One of the most vivid memories I have of the day I left Ireland was my youngest sister Micheala heading to the shop and waving to me with one hand while in the other hand clutching the blue oil can I had carried up and down the road to the shop many times. I didn’t realize it as my fathersRead the rest of this page »

The first record I bought and the first song I wrote

I think it’s a fair assumption that music has touched us all in our lives at some point but its usually when you hit your teenage years that you start listening. and choosing who your favorite band is or your favorite singer/songwriter Depending on your surroundings and what is going on in the world but you start to know whatRead the rest of this page »

Welcome to my new website blog.

Hello world, Welcome to my website. My name is Mary Kathleen Burke I am a singer /songwriter recording artist with a few other handles to my bow though this website is dedicated to my music journey, where it started, where it took me, where I am now and my hopes for the future in music I currently own an internet-basedRead the rest of this page »

Hello world! Welcome to blog 2 Childhood days

Hello again , Mary K here , I will give you some background here on how I started in music.and probably the things that shaped me into a music lover and some memories of childhood when i was aged 8  I knew I had music inside me . I knew if I had an instrument of some kind I wouldRead the rest of this page »