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Hello world, Welcome to my website. My name is Mary Kathleen Burke I am a singer /songwriter recording artist with a few other handles to my bow though this website is dedicated to my music journey, where it started, where it took me, where I am now and my hopes for the future in music I currently own an internet-based radio station and run every aspect of it which has taken a lot of my time but of which I am very proud of and passionate about. It has compensated for the nonexistence of gigs and opportunities that used to be on offer. This is true of many artists today. I have also had a lot of health issues so because I do the radio from home it accommodates that

.The music business has changed dramatically since the year I signed with Greentrax 2008 it was the year in which the sales of hard copy CDs started tumbling and trends were changing Everything was becoming digital  There I was after dreaming for years of becoming a professional recording artist and finally feeling that later in my life after a lot of hard work and effort my talent had finally been recognized and I could finally do what I wanted to do and play concerts and tour and record.

The thing I had worked so hard to achieve, My dream from when I was a child, I was now living and it was so great at first I will come back to that in a later blog and tell you the highs and lows of that journey I am not chasing that dream anymore because for me it was short-lived and turned into somewhat of a nightmare at times, however, I’m still a musician at heart it’s in the blood, in my veins, even though I have lost the motivation I once had.

I do hope my story and experience will help younger artists embarking on a singing career to consider every aspect of it and not put all their eggs in one basket. That said, I wouldn’t change all the experiences I have had and believe what is meant to be will happen it’s your life path even if sometimes you have taken the wrong road or the wrong turn. I sing now not to impress anyone but just because I find music cathartic and good for the spirit and the soul.

Covid 19

As I write this I am in the 4th week of Covid 19 lockdown and have been out only three times. Boy, it is hard to do a lockdown. Like many people I live alone which can cause a  feeling of isolation at the best of times but this situation has compounded it and some days I wonder what is the point of getting up at all ? because you know the day is going to be no different. I haven’t been sleeping, I am insomniac this has made it worse. I feel alone and anxious not just for myself but for friends and family.

I have had to stop watching the news .my own daughter is on the front line she is a nurse and not even six months into her nursing so its a worrying time. I miss my little grandson in six weeks and wonder what’s going through his mind. My very dear friends in London who have been like a second mum and dad to me are in their fifth week as well and are traumatized because one of their daughters has the virus, their other daughter is seriously unwell with an unrelated illness. I feel at a loss to help my friends and worry all the time about them. I was too ill to go home to Ireland to see my family at Christmas and I had planned to go for Easter but it couldn’t happen I miss my family and cant wait to see them again.. I don’t think the world will ever be quite the same again for a long time and to the people who have lost family and friends in such strange and horrid circumstances I feel so sad for them, then the positive side of all this like Captian Tom, there has been so much good going on and there are so many good and kind people in this world.

I will finish today’s blog by including Danny Boy which is live and raw. I was singing to Dementia and elderly residents of a care home last year and I worry so much for these vulnerable  people during the present time

I will end this blog here and continue as the days go by

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